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His Grace Foundation welcomed Hillary Stonger at the beginning of the summer. Hillary has been connected with HGF from the beginning, as a dear friend of the Kiltz family since childhood. After working in corporate marketing and communications for nearly 10 years, she is grateful to be joining a cause so near and dear to her heart.

Read on as she shares early memories of HGF’s inception and what she’s most looking forward to in her new role.

What is your earliest memory of His Grace Foundation?

I distinctly remember the tiny closet-turned-office in the Kiltz home that mom (Val Anderson, HGF Executive Director is Hillary's mom!) and Erin (Kiltz, HGF Founder) worked in. It was considered HGF HQ. I was probably 7 or 8 years old. The shelves were stacked with bins of greeting cards for patient families and wicker baskets, which we used as the original Welcome Basket container.

While those moments left an impression, I don’t know that I remember life without His Grace Foundation. Because it was founded in such formative years, I was raised with a deep understanding of suffering, hope, and being grace in the need of the moment for those in need. Raising my own children now, I realize how incredibly special that was and don’t take a moment of it for granted.

What made you want to join the HGF team now?

As near and dear as HGF is to me, joining “the family business” was honestly never something I considered. But, like many others, COVID-19 caused me to slow down, reprioritize and revisit old passions.

At that same time, His Grace Foundation began placing an even higher priority on digital marketing and communications due to our inability to see volunteers, donors, BMTU patients and Texas Children’s Hospital staff face-to-face. The timing couldn’t have worked out better for me to bring my experience to an organization I love so much.

What are you most excited to accomplish in your new role?

I’m constantly thinking about how we can get new eyes on His Grace Foundation — our mission, and the stories of the patients and families we serve. From revitalizing our volunteer base, to increasing the frequency of our social media posts, or exploring partnerships! Imagine spending your day brainstorming fun, new ways to tell people about something you care about. Talk about a dream job.

The Early Years

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